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  Albergo Ristorante LA VILLA:
Viale Della Rimembranza, 46
62028 SARNANO (MC) Italy

Per prenotare si prega di chiamare il:
Tel. 0733/657218

Realizzato da Eq. S.r.l
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Eight years ago, the French government didn't nike blazer shoesknow UX existed. When their exploits first trickled out into the press, the group's members were deemed by some to be dangerous outlaws, thieves, even potential inspiration for terrorists. Still, a few officials can't conceal their admiration. Mention UX to Sylvie Gautron of the Paris police¡ªher specialty is monitoring the city's old quarries¡ªand she breaks into a wide smile. In an era when ubiquitous GPS and microprecise mapping threaten to squeeze all the mystery from our great world cities, UX seems to know, and indeed to own, a whole other, deeper, hidden layer of Paris. It claims the entire nike blazer ukcity, above- and belowground, as its canvas; its members say they can access every last government building, every narrow telecom tunnel. Does Gautron believe this? "It's possible," she says. "Everything they do is very intense." It is not at all hard to steal a Picasso, Lazar Kunstmann tells me. One of UX's early members and the group's unofficial spokesman, Kunstmann¡ªthe name is almost certainly a pseudonym, given its superhero-like German meaning, "Art-man"¡ªis fortyish, bald, black-clad, warm, and witty. We're sitting in the back room of a student caf¨¦, downing espressos and discussing the spectacular theft in May 2010 of 100 million euros' worth of paintings from the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris. He disputes the contention of a police spokesperson that this was a sophisticated operation. According to an article published in Le Monde, a solitary individual unscrewed a window frame at 3:50 am, cut a padlock from a gate, and strode through the galleries lifting one work each by L¨¦ger, Braque, Matisse, Modigliani, and Picasso. "The thief was perfectly informed," the officer told the newspaper. If he hadn't known the window had a vibration detector, he would've just broken it. If he hadn't known the alarm and part of the security system were broken, he wouldn't have wandered throughout the museum. If he hadn't known the schedule of night rounds, he wouldn't have arrived in the middle nike blazer high mens ukof the longest quiet period.
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